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Dedham, MA

Easton, MA

Fairhaven, MA

Fall River, MA

Foxborough, MA

Framingham, MA

Lakeville, MA

Leicester, MA

Uxbridge, MA
Westborough, MA

Worcester, MA

Wrentham, MA

Groton, CT

Ledyard, CT

New London, CT

North Stonington, CT

Stonington, CT

Why did you chose to teach the Better Baby Class?

As a doula I spend a lot of our prenatal time together talking about different things- preparing for labor, comfort measures, birth choices, newborn procedures, postpartum planning, and so on. But we don't have tons of time together before delivery- usually only 2 or 3 hours total. There is no way for me to teach you everything in depth in our prenatal visits. The women who created this Better Baby Class filled in the gaps of what I have time to teach in prenatal visits and all the information I would like you to have- so it only made sense to me to offer this class to my families. It's 4 hours long so we have the time to really dial in and focus on the immediate postpartum period so that once baby is here the whole family can thrive. It is really the perfect addition to all of my birth doula packages!

Acushnet, MA

Attleboro, MA

Auburn, MA

Bellingham, MA

Berkley, MA

Blackstone, MA

Bridgewater, MA

Canton, MA

What is your service area?

Every city and town in Rhode Island. I also travel to many cities and towns in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Some of those cities and towns are listed below- if you do not see your city or town listed that doesn't mean that you are out of my service area- contact me and we can chat!

What is the difference between an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Counselor (IBCLC) and what you do?

I am Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) which means I took a 40 hr breastfeeding class and passed a certification exam. My job as a CLC is to help support your breastfeeding journey in any way that I can. As a CLC I am not able to diagnose an issue but I am able to give you breastfeeding education, provide help in latching and making sure breastfeeding is comfortable for you, offer tips and tricks, and answer any questions that may come up. Anything out of my scope of practice will be refered to an IBCLC or your medical provider.

Mansfield, MA

Medford, MA

Millbury, MA

Millville, MA

New Bedford, MA

Newton, MA

North Attleboro, MA

Norwood, MA

Why Infant Sleep Education? Why not cry-it-out (CIO)or some other sleep training method?

For a few reasons. 1) CIO is hard on both parents and babies. 2) It has to be repeated often because of teething or sickness or any life changes. 3) There are many good and valid reasons your baby wakes up overnight. Parenting at night is tough but I truly believe that once parents learn the biological norms of infant sleep they will see why responding when their infants cry is better for the whole family in the long run.

So are we just supposed to deal with sleep deprivation?

Oh heck no! You cannot approach infant sleep in a bubble- you have to work and fix the situation holistically or you'll always run into issues. Part of what I do in Infant Sleep consults is look at the whole family dynamic- what is working and what isn't. What you're willing to change and what you're not. How is everyone doing? What are sleep challenges doing to your family? What other issues is a lack of sleep bringing up or bringing into attention? And then we make a plan. We work together to come up with solutions that work for you and your family. So you can all get more sleep!

Which hospitals/ Birth Centers have you attended births at ? Are those the only places you will go?

I have attended births at the following hospitals:

Women & Infants in Providence, RI

Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket, RI

Newport Hospital in Newport RI

South County Hospital in Wakefield, RI

Kent Hospital in Warwick, RI

Charlton Hospital in Fall River, MA

Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA

South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, MA

Newton- Wellesley Hospital in  Newton,MA

Norwood Hospital in Norwood, MA

Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attelboro, MA

St. Vincent's Hospital in Worcester, MA

St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford, MA

Milford Regional Medical Center in Milford, MA

Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London, CT

There are others but they have since, sadly, closed their maternity services.

Now, if you are planning at birthing at another hospital or birth center that is not on this list- that doesn't mean I don't attend births there- it just means I haven't yet.

Pembroke, MA

Plainville, MA

Raynham, MA

Seekink, MA

Sharon, MA

Sutton, MA

Swansea, MA

Taunton, MA

Have another question for me?

I am not interested in any of those "crunchy"things- does that mean you cannot support me?

Not at all! Before my first child I never thought of myself as "crunchy" that developed once he was born and we fell into crunchy ways organically. I honestly believe- not only your birth your choice, but your family your choice. My job is to give you all of your options and educate you on your choices. Whatever decisions you make from there I will fully support.

I am planning a hospital birth- would you support me there? What type of births do you attend?

Yes, definitely.  There are ways to make your labor room more comforting and personable to you while you birth. I can attend assisted home births, hospital births,and births at a birthing center.

My doctor says I have to have a cesarean- can you support me through that?

Yes, definitely. With preparation and education before hand, through the surgery itself, and at home while you are recovering. Cesareans are not easier and extra support is very important. I even have a labor package just for cesarean births.

Can't my husband/ partner/ sister/ mother/ friend be my doula?

No they cannot. They can be a support person (and doulas work wonderfully with support people) but they do not have the knowledge and  education to be a doula for you.

What exactly is a"Crunchy Mama"?

According to the Urban Dictionary a Crunchy Mama is: A mother who supports home birth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a doula?

A doula (doo-la) is a woman who helps support a mother before, during and after childbirth.  This support is usually in the form of education, emotional support and physical support.