Birth Support

Can I do this? Ouch, why does it hurt? Is my baby getting enough? Am I making enough milk? I thought this was supposed to be easy? Relax- I can help ease those worries so that you and your baby can have a gentle and easy breastfeeding relationship.

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I provide breastfeeding support services once you get home with the baby. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to bring a newborn out to an appointment, and also how much more comfortable you will be learning this new skill in your home, where you and baby are comfortable. I offer this service for both current doula clients and for those who are only looking for breastfeeding support and help.

Initial Visit: $125

“Being at the breast reminds the baby of being in the womb: there’s that familiar heartbeat and soothing voice, as well as the warmth and comfort. And that makes the transition to the outside world a little easier.” 
-Jack Newman, MD

Breastfeeding Support Services:

An in-home visit. We will go over your health and pregnancy history, as well as your breastfeeding goals. I will be with you to observe 3 feedings (however long that takes). I can also do a weight check to see how much milk baby is transferring. I will provide feedback and guidance throughout. I will also answer any questions that you may have and show those at home around you how they can best support you so you can reach your goals.

Consultation: $25 (for up to a half hr.)

Crunchy Mama Doula

An in home follow up for any needed subsequent visits. I come to your home and observe at least one feeding. Experiencing pain still? Can't quite get the latch down? We try and troubleshoot any issues you may be having and answer any questions you have. There is a 2 hr minimum for a follow up.

Breastfeeding Support Packages:

Ready to book? Have some questions?

Follow Up Visit: $35 (per hr.)

For questions and basic breastfeeding counseling. Getting ready to go back to work and want to make sure you are prepared to make pumping at work a success? How much milk to leave with the babysitter? Just want to make sure everything is normal? When and how to transition to a bottle?  Those and other topics that do not require any hands on help can use this option.