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Me and two of my littles.

"Jenn stepped into our birth planning at the most delicate moment in our lives, just weeks after we unexpectedly lost our first daughter. With only 7 weeks until our due date for our rainbow baby, Jenn swooped in with an abundance of kindness, compassion, and a much needed sense of ease. She calmed my husband's anxiety about the upcoming birth, and acted as an emotional safe haven for me.  Jenn adopted the hypnobirthing plan of our choosing and knew just when to speak up or remain silent to allow us to fully enjoy welcoming our second child into the world.  Jenn collaborated with the hospital staff seamlessly, and was by our side from triage to our first feeding. She quickly became an extension of our family and maintained a connection to us far beyond the obligation of our contract. I'm glad now to be able to consider Jenn as a friend."

"I had a really great experience with Jenn. Right from our first meeting we clicked and I knew I wanted her to be my doula. All throughout my pregnancy she was always available to me. Jenn was able to answer all my questions and help me prepare for my (desperately wanted) VBAC as well as breastfeeding, which I was unsuccessful at with my son. From the moment I suspected I was in labor Jenn was in constant contact with me and having her with me in the hospital was wonderful. She was a great support person both to me and my husband. She helped to calm me down and explain things to me when I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. Jenn never left my side and even helped my daughter to latch right in the delivery room! My daughter is almost two months old now and Jenn still keeps in touch with me to ask how the baby is doing and helped me with some breastfeeding issues and questions. I am very grateful to have Jenn as part of my support network and would absolutely recommend her services. I made the decision to hire a doula because I was adamant that my baby be born via VBAC and I am so glad I did."

                                                                                                  - Amanda

"Jenn is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to have had her support throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery. I am a first-time mom and this was all very new to me. Jenn did an amazing job coaching me through the whole process. Her knowledge and expertise helped me get through a difficult labor, and her postpartum support helped me cope with the exciting - but also overwhelming- experience of a newborn. She is truly a gifted doula!"


"I clicked with Jenn right away when we meet. She made me feel at ease with what I wanted and with what I felt I needed during birth. Jenn is very kind, calming, and knowledgeable. Of course nothing went to plan during my labor. Jenn rolled with all the punches and kept me and my husband calm and comfortable. Poor Jenn had a long night in a hospital chair but I was so happy she was there for support. I was unable to hold my baby after birth due to medication reactions. Jenn went with my husband and baby to the nursery which allowed me relax and recover a bit. I was so happy to know my husband had Jenn to lean on in my absence.
I also used Jenn for Postpartum Support which I am SO happy I did. It was an emotional and physical roller coaster after my birth and to know Jenn was coming over soon to help took a huge wait off my shoulders. Jenn walked me through every question I had and helped with any issues that came up. She also sent me to take a nap when I needed one (and needed someone to tell me to!).
Jenn is a wonderful, talented Doula and the best person. I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for support before, during, and after having a baby. Thank you for everything Jenn!!!!"


"From the moment I first contacted Jenn, she was professional, organized, friendly, caring and helpful. That continued through my daughters birth, the postpartum period and as recent as our conversations this month. Because I am a single mom, I was looking for someone to support me and my baby through the end of pregnancy, labor and beyond. Jenn was always available to me between our prenatal visits. I would text her the results of tests and ask her questions on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. She explained things to me in a way that made sense, and then let me make my own decisions. I chose Jenn because I didn't want to be pushed into having a natural birth or doing hypnosis. I figured I would probably choose to have drugs during my labor, and didn't want to feel bad about it. Jenn was fully supportive of all my choices and never pushed for anything. She is very knowledgeable and will give you all the facts to make your decisions - but they are your decisions. And her support never waivered or changed based on the decisions I made. I never felt bad or guilty for anything. During my extremely long induced labor, Jenn stayed next to me the whole 36 hours helping me understand what was happening, helping me labor, being a hand to hold, or someone to get ice or juice. She held my hands while I got the epidural, and she was holding my legs when I was pushing. She took the very first pictures of my daughter and I cherish those to this day. It can be a scary, confusing, hectic time and Jenn was my calm in the storm. She continued to help me with breastfeeding when I got home from the hospital. I can not recommend her highly enough. I am still connected to her and her family to this day and my daughter and I are so lucky to have them all as a supportive extended family. I am so happy that I chose her as my doula."


"Having Jenn with me through my second pregnancy and beyond has been so beneficial to my transition as a mother of two.  I had a very quick labor, but as we arrived at the hospital at the same time she was there just in time for me to hit my transitional phase and I am so thankful for that. She was calm, nurturing at just the right moments and helped me feel comfortable when I didn't feel like anything was bringing me comfort.  What has been so incredible for me is the support I have received from her postpartum.  I am so thankful I was able to reach out to her with my concerns, emotions, anything , even still 6 months later. Having that quality in a doula is something I find invaluable. I felt that she was able to voice my needs at the  hospital when I was not, and she was able to gently guide me from the negative voices telling me I couldn't do it , it was just what i needed, and that is because she takes so much time to go over everything you are hoping to have for your birth, without ever feeling like you are being coached through your experience, unless that's what you want, I'm positive she could do that for you! She's upfront, but nurturing in all the right moments. I will forever be grateful for having her in my life!"


"3 words that describe Jenn: Kind, calm, and experienced.
My husband and I knew we didn't want family in the hospital but that we needed someone there who had more experience than we did. It was also important to me that there be someone there to support my husband and provide him with breaks if necessary.You seemed to know I was about to start another contraction just a millisecond after I started to feel it. My husband ended up being a great coach through contractions, but he didn't catch on to the start of a contraction for a second or two - during those moments (which felt so long) you knew what I was going through, and you'd just calmingly make eye contact and silently get me started on my breathing until my husband caught up. It kept me from tensing up with the start of each contraction and your attention was so appreciated!

I wanted a birth with as little medical intervention as possible - I hoped to not be induced, receive no pain medication, etc. You provided a lot of helpful resources and while I was so nervous, I felt prepared. Life had other plans for me, though, and I had to receive a great deal of medical intervention. You were by my side through it all and reassured me I could do it all. I felt reassured that I was making the best choices for myself and my baby and that I was doing what was necessary.
I also had thought that you'd be done with us as clients after the postpartum visit. But you surprised me by texting to check in with us periodically, to see how everything is going. You've continued to provide such great support and advice - and I can't tell you how wonderful this has been!"  
                                                                                                   - Alida

"I was so blessed to have had Jenn Fantasia as my doula throughout my pregnancy. Jenn was there for me from the moment I got to the hospital and was my rock throughout my entire delivery. On January 23rd 2015, I gave birth to my second miracle, Logan Benjamin. Jenn gave me the physical and mental support that I needed throughout my delivery, she even made me laugh! I was not able to have my sons father there, due to an accident he had several months prior. The love and support I had from Jenn, made me feel so comfortable. It truly was an experience I will never forget and am so fortunate to have had Jenn by my side. I will be forever grateful for her! Thank you Jenn from the bottom of my heart in sharing this experience with me!"


"Jenn was very knowledgeable and helpful in navigating me through the last couple of months of my pregnancy and birth. I was very nervous about the process with this being my first and she was able to ease my mind with her experience and resources. Jenn was readily available to answer any and all questions I had and was very supportive of me and my husband. Jenn checked in with me frequently and came to the hospital when I felt I needed her support. Unfortunately, I ended up having to have a c-section but Jenn was very encouraging and helpful throughout. I would highly recommend Jenn Fantasia for a doula and would love to use her again in future pregnancies."
                                                                                                    - Amanda


As a mom of three I know firsthand how exciting and overwhelming the birth of a child can be. I also know how extra support during this time helps mom and the rest of the family adjust.

I firmly believe that a doula should never stop learning. I make it a goal to attend all the different trainings I possibly can. I also make sure to stay on top of all the new information that comes out regarding pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, breastfeeding, infant sleep and child care. The better educated I am, the better I can serve and support you.

Current Trainings and Certifications:
- Certified  Birth Doula through Childbirth International 
- Certified Lactation Counselor Certificate through ALPP  
- Certified Infant Sleep Educator through Bebo Mia

- Better Baby Class Instructor
- Trained Postpartum Doula through ProDoula  

- Trained in Spinning Babies


Jenn Fantasia

My role is to provide:

        - Encouragement

        - Support

        - Information so you can make your choices

        - Listen to you and what you want

        - To help you find what will work best for your family

A doula is a fabulous addition to any birth and postpartum team and can make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood a smooth one!

I don't have a birth or family raising philosophy- at least not one that I instill upon you. It's your birth and your family- what's your philosophy? Looking to go all natural or do you want drugs the second you walk into the hospital? Want to avoid all interventions or are you open to them? Home birth or a scheduled Cesarean?  Attachment Parenting? Breastfeeding or formula feeding? Regardless- it's your birth, your baby and your family. I'll get you plenty of information so that you can make informed decisions. But when it comes down to it, they are your decisions to make.

My job is to support you in those decisions. Period.

Your birth. Your way. 100% supported.