Crunchy Mama Doula

I am a proud member of Doulas of Rhode Island

My role is to provide:

        - Encouragement

        - Support

        - Information so you can make your choices

        - Listen to you and what you want

        - To help you find what will work best for your family

A doula is a fabulous addition to any birth and postpartum team and can make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood a smooth one!

I don't have a birth or family raising philosophy- at least not one that I instill upon you. It's your birth and your family- what's your philosophy? Looking to go all natural or do you want drugs the second you walk into the hospital? Want to avoid all interventions or are you open to them? Home birth or a scheduled Cesarean?  Attachment Parenting? Breastfeeding or formula feeding? Regardless- it's your birth, your baby and your family. I'll get you plenty of information so that you can make informed decisions. But when it comes down to it, they are your decisions to make.

My job is to support you in those decisions. Period.

Your birth. Your way. 100% supported.



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Me and two of my littles.

As a Certified Lactation Counselor I come into your home and help you and your baby get off on the right foot with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is natural- but it's not always easy!

Jenn Fantasia

As a mom of three (ages 7,5, and 3) I know firsthand how exciting and overwhelming the birth of a child can be. I also know how extra support during this time helps mom and the rest of the family adjust.

I firmly believe that a doula should never stop learning. I make it a goal to attend all the different trainings I possibly can. I also make sure to stay on top of all the new information that comes out regarding pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, breastfeeding, infant sleep and child care. The better educated I am, the better I can serve and support you.

Current Trainings and Certifications:
- Certified  Birth Doula through Childbirth International 
- Certified Lactation Counselor Certificate through ALPP
- Certified Infant Sleep Educator through Bebo Mia
- Better Baby Class Instructor
- Trained Postpartum Doula through ProDoula 
- Trained in Spinning Babies
- Trained as a Hypnobabies Doula

Birth Support

All 3 of my littles.

(2 out of 3 kind of looking- close enough! )

I truly believe that an empowered birth is a successful birth. No matter how your baby is born, what if any interventions happen, as long as you are treated with respect and have a say in the decision-making process of birth, your birth will feel empowered. It won’t just happen to you, rather you will have had a say in the decisions of birth.

There are three things that you need in order for this to happen.  First, you need to feel safe. You have to feel safe with where you having your baby and with who is in the room with you. You need to feel as though everyone in that room wants your best birth to happen. If there is any doubt about that then we discuss ways to change that before you go into labor. 

Second, you need to feel loved. It is the job of everyone there to be your cheerleaders. To keep heaping on the praise and telling you how fantastic a job you are doing. This is an area where your partner/ spouse/ friend/ relative will shine. Their love and support of you will make sure you feel loved throughout labor.

Lastly (and this may be the hardest), you need to trust the process. You need to trust that your body knows how to give birth to your baby. We will talk extensively about the process of birth but only you can truly control this one.  As your doula, I will do everything in my ability to facilitate these 3 things. All I want for you is to feel as though you choose your birth, that it didn’t just happen to you. In every aspect of my life, I try to build women up and in labor, it is no different. No matter how you birth your baby you are a birthing goddess in my eyes.